Compare 2001 Honda Odyssey Acceleration By Trims

0-60 Times Quarter Mile
EX Passenger Van
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 5565 lb; Curb Weight: 4288 lb; Payload Capacity: 1277 lb;
0-60 Times: 9.35sec
Quarter Mile: 18.5sec
LX Passenger Van
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 5565 lb; Curb Weight: 4233 lb; Payload Capacity: 1332 lb;
0-60 Times: 9.25sec
Quarter Mile: 17.4sec

Salutations to every automobile driver, who is keen on quick trip and will to get the point which 2001 Honda Odyssey is possibly to be sufficient for your demands. Our specialists prepared a perfect book of instructions for a reader to see from zero to 60 test results for various 2001 Honda Odyssey in nice charts and tables. The full heap of materials was gathered from varied trustworthy resources. Still, consider, that the characteristics in reference to any 2001 Honda Odyssey may vary from site to site as a result of omniform reasons. Maybe it is an impressing fact for any automobile lover that extensively, for many racing cars and high-end sports cars from zero to 60 assessment could reveal 2 to 3 seconds. At the same time, the standard time in the United States for this from zero to sixty mph test displayes 8 seconds. In particular, whenever we are talking about miniature cars, this pointer would show about 7-9 seconds and for SUVs, it could be up to 8-9 seconds.

In any case, if one has a desire to assess from zero to sixty mph for a variety of 2001 Honda Odysseys, you should check it solely in their particuliar group, which will be based on the auto`s year, type, and lifetime. The analogous method can help you to stay away from any kind of misinterpretations in reference to bound 2001 Honda Odyssey place in this kind of chart. Hence, a vehicle lover should care of the entire mass of various factors that play a part in the 0-60 mph check-up time.

Nevertheless, a driver needs to take into account that each automobile in this 2001 Honda Odyssey selection carries a fairly vigorous engine that may be about just about any ramble. What is more, the model suspension is harmonic and such a key moment surely makes the cars even more strong. Even though, some 2001 Honda Odyssey were designed to provide you with a better driving adventure than any other cars. On our experts` charts, the customer can identify overall performance specifications and 2001 Honda Odyssey`s from zero to 60 mph testing time. In case you are to flip through the sum of those 0-60 mph requirements, you need to attend the grading, as long as iy banks on automobile`s type, make and model. Be aware, that sundry vehicle classifications would far better wheel in places that other types might not.